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01/02/2009 ~ Reissues site launched today!

This web site is long overdue! I meant to create it ages ago, but my extremely busy schedule prevented me from spending the time and effort required to actually do the deed. Well, better late than never? So at last it's here, for all the people interested in reissues, record collecting and music in general. I hope you'll all enjoy visiting it and find it useful.
The basic idea for this site was born over a decade ago, when I wrote the book "Reissues Discovering the Lost Musical Treasures of the Golden Decade 1965-1975". Since the subject of reissues is very dynamic, porting the physical book to an Internet site is only natural. The wonder of modern IT enable me to keep the content constantly updated, which is the ideal situation for a source of information.
The first version of the site, launched today, is somewhat skeletal and will surely develop and expand in time. I intend to add profiles of all the reissue labels gradually and port additional chapters of my book, as well as add new ones in time. God willing, I'll find the time and energy to accomplish it all.
The gargantuan task of collecting and keeping all the data up to date is often quite frightening. Therefore it is extremely important that people, who visit this site, react and send me information, corrections, comment, etc. In other words the site's quality depends not only on the work by the author / webmaster (yours truly), but on cooperation with people, who care about the subject of reissues. Please give me your input and stay in touch and spread the word!

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