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This web site is a first of its kind attempt to present an in-depth analysis and overview of the reissue phenomenon in the music industry. It concentrates on reissues of the material recorded and released originally during the golden decade of rock music between the years 1965 and 1975. The site provides the visitor with both theoretical insights about the music industry in general and the process of producing reissues in particular, as well as practical information about availability of specific reissues, based on an extensive computerized database compiled in the span of the 40 years since the records were originally released.

The site is divided into distinct sections, each one dealing with a different aspect of the reissue phenomenon. Each section is structured as a stand alone component of the subject matter; therefore it can be viewed and used separately. Of course the sections complement each other and together present the visitor with a comprehensive view of the entire subject.

The Writings section is a series of articles, which serves as an overview of the music industry as related to the reissue business. It includes a detailed dictionary of the terminology used in the business, the history of the reissue phenomenon and a treatise of the moral dilemmas and practical problems facing the industry.

The Labels section is a detailed discussion of the work done by the most important record companies specializing in the reissue business. The business profile as well as the key elements motivating the decision making process of each company is presented, followed by an overview of the company's output, with emphasis on the most significant recordings present in its catalog.

The Records section is a search facility enabling browsing an extensive database of releases.

The Books section is a search facility enabling browsing an extensive database of books about music.

The site also provides links to thousands of reviews of specific albums, written over a period of many years, which constitute a "hidden" Music section, so to speak.

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